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  • 21 september
    • Neuromarketing is also a question of culture!

    Neuromarketing is also a question of culture!

    When you google Neuromarketing you might rapidly get confronted with fMRI Scanners or EEG curves. It could leave you with the impression this domain is only accessible to highly skilled scientists. A very select group of initiated specialists who can understand the secrets of human behavior by interpreting complex data streams provided by specialized devices.

    Neuromarketing service companies might not resist the temptation to base their business model on the "exclusive secret formulas" they have lent from neurosciences, leaving their clients empty-handed. I was not surprised when I heard at the NMBSA world forum this year, some of these companies complain about the lack of growth of their business.

    I guess they forgot Neuromarketing is also a question of culture on two different levels. First of all, the success of our economic development is sociologically spoken based on the cultural believe we "master" and thus control our environment. Business models based on secrets and mystery are not very compliant with this basic cultural value.

    The second level concerns the evidence that Neuromarketing brings a cultural revolution as it changes our global understanding of human behavior, not only our buying behavior. It defeats the Descartes "ego cogito sum" (I think therefore I am) paradigm and restores our emotions as a very reliable and intelligent concept for non-conscious decision-making.

    I am profoundly convinced Neuromarketing does not only need technology and science. Business manager and in a wider sense human kind need tools to take the paradigm shift and rehabilitate the non conscious part of the brain. The NeurOrchestra observation tool is our humble contribution to this cultural evolution.