• 23 septembre
    • Forget about Descartes, if you haven't yet!

    Forget about Descartes, if you haven't yet!

    Considering ourselves at the top of the evolution, we tend to believe that what makes us different, our mental capacities, constitutes our essence. That’s why many of us continue to believe that the way we function is Think-Do-Feel. This paradigm is a logical consequence of Decartes cogito ergo sum, I think so I am, which has dominated the western world for centuries.

    Over the last decades, neuro-scientists have made great progress to understand how the brain works. The result of their research is the opposite of what the Descartes paradigm has imposed: FEEL-DO-THINK. Yes, emotions always come first. Or if you like, thinking is a result of an emotion. Emotions are the motor and provide the energy and orientation to the thinking.

    Marketers who are focused on customer behavior are concerned with these new findings. By integrating the results of neuroscience they can shift their paradigm too. It is not what people think about a product that is important, but what people feel about the product and it is measurable!

    This new approach has a name: Neuromarketing. Neuromarketers integrate emotional parameters based on scientific evidence in the analysis of customer behavior. How they do this you can see on this video:

    It is a 49 min video, but as often the first 10 min are largely sufficient to get the main message from it.