• Discover the power of the non conscious

    Discover the power of the non conscious

    Scientists estimate our conscious mind can process 44 bits of information per second while our nonconscious mind has the capacity to process 11,000,000 bits of information per second. Obviously, our non-conscious mind plays a much more important role than previously thought.

    Our non-conscious mind is a complex, reliable but powerful system. Research discovers every day a little bit more about the rules and laws reining the non-conscious mind. This has delivered a radically new understanding of how customers feel, think and, ultimately buy your brand or product driven largely by intuition rather than rational analysis! It uncovers the key intuitive purchase drivers that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your brand.

    Marketing and communications professionals can no longer ignore the dominant influence of the consumer’s intuition when it comes to brand and product choice. Hence, learning how the non-conscious part of the brain works, will help them develop strategies and campaigns in a more efficient and effective way, lifting their success rate.

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