• New perspectives for your marketing
    New perspectives for your marketing
    Discover how you too can integrate
    the non-conscious brain in your marketing programs

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Pray for luck?

It is a well-known fact: only 1 new launched product out of 8 becomes a real success. According to a Fournaise Group study of 2012 disappointing ROI has brought marketing to an unprecedented crisis:
- 80% of CEOS do not trust marketers
- 65% of CEO's call Marketing "la-la” land
Do marketers have to pray for luck to be successful?
We believe not!

Or receive the keys....

Discover how the non conscious mind is involved in the behaviour of your customers. Receive the keys to a better and deeper understanding of what your customers love and how they make their purchase decisions. We are convinced that this will lift your ROI.

... to targeting the consumer’s intuitive brain

We don't sell miracles but translate insights from brain-related sciences into marketing applications and provide tools facilitate the integration of the laws of the non-conscious part of the brain into your daily work as a professional marketer.
Furthermore, you will not only learn about the latest insights and concepts but also a lot about yourself and how to become more conscious of how you make strategic and tactical decisions.


  • 21 september
    No emotions = no business also true for B2B
    Neuromarketing is often perceived as being a consumer business or B2C issue. I regularly get the question if Neuromarketing has something to offer to the B2B (Business to business)?

    My first
    Read more
  • 23 september
    Forget about Descartes, if you haven't yet!
    Considering ourselves at the top of the evolution, we tend to believe that what makes us different, our mental capacities, constitutes our essence. That’s why many of us continue to believe that theRead more
  • 21 september
    Neuromarketing is also a question of culture!
    When you google Neuromarketing you might rapidly get confronted with fMRI Scanners or EEG curves. It could leave you with the impression this domain is only accessible to highly skilled scientists. A Read more

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